Review: Sinclair (Acquisition 0.5) by Celia Aaron

Sinclair (Acquisition, #0.5)


Sinclair Vinemont, an impeccable parish prosecutor, conducts his duties the same way he conducts his life–every move calculated, every outcome assured. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. When he finds a hint of weakness, he capitalizes. But what happens when he sees Stella Rousseau for the very first time?

Sinclair is a prologue to The Acquisition Series and is told entirely from Sinclair Vinemont’s point of view. It can be read in one sitting.




This was so interesting. Sinclair was, for me, a highly unlikable character and yet I find him so intriguing. This book got my attention from the beginning. The only issue I had was that I wanted to know more about his family, it was such a little hint but I was so great.

I didn’t liked Sinclair, I supposed is not an unusual response to him at this stage of the story. I did find him very mysterious which is something very appealing for me and would keep me interested on the next instalments. I wasn’t too impressed by Stella either, it might have something to do with the fact that the story was told from Sinclair’s point of view, but still, she seemed a little plain. There was some defiance coming from her that was nice and I hope to see in the next books, which I definitely plan on keep reading.

It seemed what it is, only the mysterious beginning of something bigger. I can’t wait to keep reading this series.


Review: Exile for Dreamers (Stranje House #2) by Kathleen Baldwin

Exile for Dreamers (Stranje House, #2)


It’s 1814. Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba. Europe is in shambles. Britain is at war on four fronts. And at Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies, diplomacy, and war.

Tess Aubreyson can’t run far enough or fast enough to escape the prophetic dreams that haunt her. Dreams bring nothing but death and grief, and Tess refuses to accept that she may be destined for the same madness that destroyed her mother. Until her disturbing dreams become the only means of saving Lord Ravencross, the man she loves, and her fellow students at Stranje House. Tess’s old friend, the traitorous Lady Daneska, and Ghost, the ruthless leader of the Iron Crown, have returned to England, intent on paving the way for Napoleon’s invasion. Can the young ladies of Stranje House prevail once more? Or is England destined to fall into the hands of the power-mad dictator?



This was an interesting book. Very unusual for me since I’m not really into historical books, but entertaining nonetheless.

I had some trouble at the begging, it was very hard to get myself involved into the story, mostly because it’s a second book in a series and I haven’t read the first book. I should have known the main characters from the previous book, which obviously I didn’t, and what had happen before to make it easier to understand what was going on. I still decided to keep reading and as the story keep developing it became easier to get myself into it.

The plot was interesting, I was a little indifferent to it at the start but as I keep reading it got better. The language seemed appropriate for the time. One of the times I disliked a bit about it was that the female characters seemed somehow older than they apparently were considering they were in a school. Maybe it got something to do with the place and time the story was set, but at times they just seemed much older to me.

The characters were a little bit underdeveloped, but I guess it might have something to do, again, with it being a second instalment on a series. I did enjoyed Tess and Gabriel’s relationship but I was underwhelmed by the romance part. I guess its ok since the book isn’t a romance. There was a characters I was most intrigued by and who I would love to know more about, Daneska seemed like the most interesting character for me, I’m not entirely buying her motives, I feel like there’s so much more about her to know.

Overall it was a good book, I might not too fond on historical books, but this was a really good one.

Review: Just Another Season (The Blizzard Chronicles) by Avery J. Longley

Just Another Season (The Blizzard Chronicles)

Emma is just another sports reporter…except she hates sports. Ryan is just another hockey goalie…except an injury has his career in doubt. What happens when these two are forced to live with each other over the course of the year? Will it simply be Just Another Season or will sparks fly?


I enjoyed reading this book. It was very fun at some parts. It had a little bit of everything, romance, sports, family and fights.

The plot was nice. It had some conflicts but there wasn’t too much angst. I liked the beginning the most, I find it a lot more fun than the rest of the story. There was some humorous element that start fading as the story kept progressing, but still was easy to be interested on what was going on the whole time. A thing I disliked about it was the constant cursing used mostly at the beginning of the book, I was very glad that it was less frequent as I kept reading, but I don’t think most reader would have issues with that as much as I did. Perhaps it was appropriate for the subject of the story, but is something I have little tolerance for. There are some LGBT elements that I think were properly addressed but I guess I can’t say much without spoilers.

I loved the family dynamics that were shown in the story, it might be one of the things I loved the most about it. To see a very supportive family was lovely.

The character, well I have a lot of thought on them. In general they were nice, and there were so much characters with a lot of potential to be a MC. I’ll admit that I start reading without remembering the name if the male MC and every guy I found in the story seemed to be the one. I loved how it kept me guessing. I have some more detail thoughts on each of them:

Emma was difficult to understand for me. First she was so much fun and seemed so self-confident. But suddenly there was some shyness I couldn’t understand coming from her. And there was this over dramatic side of her that ended up making me disliked her.
Ryan was nice, sort of a perfect gentleman but not quite there. I had issues trying to get into his mind, I didn’t really perceived any feelings from him or Emma, which made it hard, for me, to really care much about their relationship
Luke was a great character. A little unpleasant at first, but I got to liked him a lot.
Trent was the one who got most of my attention, perhaps because of his contradictory way to act and because I truly couldn’t believe in him. I don’t think he was as nice as he seemed to be, there’s something about him I’m still trying to figure out. I did get mad at him because his constant intruding other people’s bossiness. Still I think he was my favorite character, is either him or Luke.

The siblings, friends and rest of the family, all great and a very nice supporting group of secondary characters that I enjoyed very much.

Overall an interesting story, I didn’t expect the ending, but I’m definitely hooked for the next one in the series. I do expect it to have a little more spotlight for another characters.

ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

Review: Unveiling Facade by Lisette Kristensen

Unveiling Facade


One man, rich and worldly, pushed Jocelyn into a life of insecurity and worthlessness. She had become a shell of herself. Until her girlfriend, Beth dragged her to a surprise party. It was that night, where Jocelyn took her first steps down a path of redemption. Discovering the dark hedonism within her would be her salvation. This is the beginning of the Dark Desire series. Where a woman trapped in a web of flaws, break free once they release the dark wickedness within them.




This was interesting. Is not my kind of book, but I enjoyed some parts of it.

What I liked the most was the mystery behind the placed they visited. I was very intrigues by it and by the man Jocelyn met. I ended the book wanting to know more about him.

I wasn’t too impressed by Jocelyn, she wasn’t a likable character, but it’s just the first book in a series, so I will give her a break and see what happens next. I hope I’ll change my opinion about her.

The plot was ok, but maybe because is just the first book, I was left wishing for so much more. I don’t feel like I really got to know the characters and I ended up with a lot of questions.

The ending was a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a nice promise of something more to anyone who got hooked with Jocelyn’s story. As I mentions it wasn’t really my kind of book, but I do want to know what will happen to Façade and most important I want to know more about that man. I will surely keep reading this series.

Review: Quickshot by Pippa Jay



Sal, a legal carrier (just about) of whatever comes her way, puts her trust in just two things: her guns.

Keeping out from under Imperium eyes—especially those belonging to a certain Ehi Wahu—while making a living, and trying to keep a lover who can tolerate her twitchy trigger fingers, are the extent of her ambitions.

Then a kiss from a passing stranger, and a promise of the biggest score in a long time, tempt her. Devin fulfils more than one need, but he comes with more trouble than one woman can handle. And this time it’ll take more than her guns to save her. She’ll have to trust a man again.

WARNING: for over 18s only. Adult content including sex, bad language, & implied extreme violence.



QUICKSHOT is a very exciting and sexy adventure in space.

Sal is a very self-confident woman who doesn’t trust in anyone but herself. She is impulsive and used to calling the shots, but things are about to change when a stranger on the run, with a tempting offer, forced her to trust someone other than herself.

It was a great story, full of action from beginning to end. There is no boring moment here. It was a very entertaining, fast paced, dangerous and extremely hot adventure.

Both characters are very nice. Sal was a very strong character, really interesting and Devin was a very mysterious and captivating man. Both were likable, but I ended the story wanting to know more of them.

The futuristic world created by the author is really pleasant. The plot is not too complex, but for its length, managed to create a very interesting and attractive story.

As for romance, it wasn’t the most endearing relationship I’ve seen, but they had good chemistry, and the moments they spent together were absolutely amazing. It’s refreshing to see a female lead who is able to enjoy her sexuality.

Overall, it was really entertaining, easy to read, and anyone who like sci-fi and strong female characters would be able to enjoy it.
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