Review: The Lion and the Tiger: A Shiva XIV Story by Lyra Shanti

The Lion and the Tiger: A Shiva XIV Story


Lovers and warriors, immortal in love.

Before he became the general of The Tah army in the Shiva XIV series, Hynfir was a young Lirhan soldier in love with a boy he couldn’t have. Find out why he would stop at nothing to be with Leif, his tiger among men.




I really didn’t liked this much. Maybe it had something to do with the length. I liked the way the plot was going, but being so short, everything seemed extremely rushed.
Also I had a lot of issues with Hynfir’s attitude. He was too aggressive and that make me disliked so easily. I wish he could have been a little bit more subtle. Lief was nice, I have fewer issues with him than with Hynfir, he was a nicer character.
I’m not really ok with such strong feelings in such short amount of time, maybe that was also one of the things I didn’t like. I think if the story would be a little longer then I might like it a little more, as I mention, I did liked where it was going but the extremely fast paced was disturbing to me.


Review: Caught In Between (Daniel and Ryan #8) by Tamryn Eradani

Caught In Between (Daniel and Ryan, #8)


As a natural extension of their last scene, Daniel and Ryan invite a third to join them for one night.




This, the eight instalments of the series, raise the heat level to its maximus. It was really unexpected. I couldn’t picture Daniel wanting and doing some of the things that happened in the book but it was all a great surprise.

There was a thing that made me struggle a little bit with the book, I don’t like ménages. It was a little difficult for me to enjoy that particular scene, but it wasn’t as hard as I expected. I might have issues with it, but the rest of the book compensate the little struggle I had. The events that lead to the sexual encounter were something I really liked.

I loved little details that show growth in their relationship, like spontaneous kisses that I don’t remember seen before. They are still being a little slower than I would like to, but I’m enjoying the steps they are giving. I also loved the way Ryan knows Daniel. I wouldn’t think Daniel knows Ryan as much as Ryan does him but it still shows the great connection they share.

There is a new character that is very intriguing. I wouldn’t mind to know more about him in the future. Overall it was a great chapter of this series. I had a great time reading it.


* ARC provided by published in exchange of an honest review

Review: Weekend Getaway (Daniel and Ryan #7) by Tamryn Eradani

Weekend Getaway (Daniel and Ryan, #7)


Daniel wants to test his control in a more public setting than he and Ryan have used before. It takes some negotiation, takes some planning, but they make it work.




This instalment has been the sexiest so far. I couldn’t stop reading, it was so good. It is one of the best I’d read. I couldn’t get enough of Daniel.

This has been the scene I have enjoyed the most of the series. Maybe it had something to do with Daniel giving more control than he is used to and his willingness to try new things. It was amazing. He also was more vulnerable than in other situations and It was fantastic to see him struggling so badly. I don’t remember he ever had so much trouble doing what he’s been ask to, but it definitely made me loved this instalment so much more than the others.

I also liked Ryan’s attitude. It is so amazing to see how well he knows Daniel and how he know how exactly what he can ask and how much he can push. The only issue I’m having right now is that I think I already read a lot of part of the series and I want something more for them. It had become a little bit expected and everything is just too good and perfect. I would love for them to either have more conflict or see the relationship taking other steps, because right now it seems a little stationary.

Overall it was great. One of my favorites so far.

* ARC provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Review: Spa Weekend (Daniel and Ryan #6) by Tamryn Eradani

Spa Weekend (Daniel and Ryan #6)


Daniel and Ryan take their first trip as a couple, traveling to Daniel’s favorite spa resort, a place he’s never taken anyone before. The significance isn’t lost on Ryan, but it takes longer for Daniel to realize there are feelings encroaching on their arrangement.




I love where Daniel and Ryan’s this relationship is going, and it was great to see in words what has been obvious in the latest parts of the book. I loved the little steps they are giving.

This part was very nice because we can see Daniel letting in Ryan into his world. Share what he likes in a way other than sexually. It is nice to see how they are growing and getting to know each other better. Although I think it might center too much on Daniel, letting Ryan a little more of a mystery. It works fine for the story but I would love to know him a little more. I’ve been feeling the same way in the previous parts of the series.

I love how the BDSM works for them, something more related to control than pain or humiliation. It is different from what I’m used to and is one of the things that keeps me hook to the series. I always wonder what new elements would bring every installment and I expect them anxiously. This was very good, maybe not one of the ones I liked the most, but in terms of the relationship growth, It has been one the most important.

* ARC provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Review: Branded by Bru Baker



When a would-be assassin sneaks into the citadel disguised as a servant, the king requires that all servants who work in the castle be branded with the royal crest for easy identification. Prince Coren is powerless to fight the edict, but he refuses to allow his personal advisor and secret lover Brannir to suffer alone. Coren shows his devotion by wielding the brand to mark Brannir himself, even though he fears it will change their relationship. He’s prepared for resentment, hurt, and anger–every outcome but the one he receives: unconditional love.



I loved the painful beginning. It was so nice to see the pain of hurting the loved one and the struggle Coren had. It was so easy to feel his pain. It is a little angsty at the beginning, which is something I kind of appreciate in a book but I know some readers don’t like that too much. It does get a lot better for them.
The only thing I got a little trouble about was the fact I would love to see how the relationship developed, they already are a couple when the story begin, and a beautiful one that is. I would love to know so much more about them. It might be a little too short to satisfy all the questions I have about them, they were a lovely couple.
It is the first time I read something from the author, but how lovely it was. I would certainly look for more books.

Review: Backfire by David-Matthew Barnes


Tired of keeping their love a secret in their small Southern hometown, Evan and Cameron plan to runaway together, unaware that someone is determined to stop them – no matter what it takes.



This was very sweet. I loved the characters, they both were very sweet and the story in general was really good but I did feel like it was too short. Evan and Cameron were beautiful together, it was so easy to care for them.

I had a little issues about the time. There were flashbacks of beautiful moments, but the reader get no way to know they were the past and it becomes a little confusing because there were mixed moments from the present and the past. The Idea was great, but I would appreciate if there was any kind of signal that there were memories and not the present.

Dusty was a bittersweet character. I hate his conduct but I understood what was behind it. As little as we got to know him, I kind of feel a little sympathy for him. Overall it was good. I really enjoyed but it had some issues about it. The story was good enough to make me want to try other book from the author.

Audiobook Review: Femme by Marshall Thornton



Queeny cocktail waiter, Lionel, wakes up to find himself in bed with Dog, a straight-acting softball player and the two embark on a rocky road to romance. A journey that requires coming out of the closet, going into the closet, a pair of red high heels, many pairs of red high heels, a failed intervention, a couple of aborted dates, and homemade pom-poms. Mostly, Lionel and Dog learn what it means to be a man.




Prejudice seem to be a common theme in the books I’m picking this days. This wasn’t any different. Lionel has to deal with people judging him because of the way he looks and he does it beautifully.

I listen to the audiobook and it was fantastic. I haven’t read it before. It was amazing. The plot was good, entertaining and interesting enough but the characters were the best part of it. I think I would like it if I had read it, but I have to admit that it was the narration what made me loved it. It’s not the first time I listen to the narrator, but I’ve never been more impressed. It was so easy to notice the change of characters but it was his Lionel personification what impressed me the most. It was absolutely stunning. I’d listen to a few audiobooks, but none as good as this one. The narrator was great.

I loved the main characters, Lionel was hilarious. He made me laugh so many times. It was brilliant. Dog was nice, he was sweet, but not as remarkable as Lionel. The secondary characters were also great. I loved Carlos so much, his friendship with Lionel was lovely. I don’t think I would like him as much if I had read it, again an amazing job made by the narrator. Dog’s family was also so fun. I had such a great time with this book. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun romance to read.