Review: Arrows Through Archer by Nash Summers

Arrows Through Archer


After the loss of his parents, Archer Hart is consumed by grief. Each day, he struggles his way through classes, parties, and trying to put on a good front for the sake of his best friend. But at night, he falls asleep to the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears.

Mallory is a man fighting a war of emotions all his own. When his son invites his best friend back home to Banff over a college break, he’s happy for the company.

Some time during the late-night talks, subtle smiles, and long, long silences, the two men begin to find solace in one another.

But love isn’t always easy, especially when it strikes you straight through the heart.




This book was so heartbreaking and beautiful. I loved it. It was so amazing to see the sweet character that Archer was. I loved him above everything else.

Reading this book was a great experience, it had a lot of sad moments but along with the sorrow there was a lot of hope. It was a bit too slow pace but it work fine considering the emotions portray by the main characters, there were a few moments when it was bothersome but overall I enjoy it.

I loved how the book didn’t try to force the idea that love would conquer everything. They love, but they still struggle with their emotions. They still have a long way to go to overcome grief, but it seem easier by the side of a beloved one. Mallory and Archer’s relationship felt realistic. The age gap was something I generally wouldn’t feel that much comfortable with, but I didn’t find any problem with it, they were just two people in love and so perfect for each other. I just wanted them to be happy, it feel like they deserve it.

It was a great book, there were very few things that I didn’t liked, among them sometimes the pace, and sometimes too Danny’s attitude. None of them important enough to make me like it any less.


Review: Breaking Jade (A Companion Book To Fallocaust #1) by Quil Carter

Breaking Jade (A Companion Book to The Fallocaust Series, #1)


Skyfall, the only city that King Silas spared when he started the Fallocaust. It is a safe haven from the radiation, and a place where there is plant life, electricity, protection; things never seen or felt in the lawless, savage greywastes.

In Skyfall lives a teenager named Jade, born and raised in the ‘slum district’ Moros by an insane mother. He steals and cheats in any way he can to keep him and his boyfriend alive for another winter, all while longing for a better life, some place warm beyond the slums.

Then a chance encounter brings Jade into the sights of the most important and most feared chimera in Skyfall, Elish Dekker. A man of statuesque elegance, cold beauty, and a reputation for being the most heartless and cruel chimera in existence.

And though Elish may not understand why, he does know one thing for sure… the boy will be his pet.

Note: This is a companion book to Book 1 of The Fallocaust Series, it is extremely urged that you read Fallocaust Book 1 before reading Breaking Jade, since this book does contain plot spoilers for the series.




This book was amazing. I loved it so much. There was a moment when I just couldn’t put it down and I just hate that I wasn’t a faster reader. It was amazing.

It is really dark and I believe that it should had warnings because it contain some scenes that might be consider offensive and some that might be triggering for some reader. If anyone is thinking of reading it beware it contain some serious violent scenes, dub/con and non/con scenes and a lot of morally questionable conducts. That being said, I like reading dark theme books and this one was exactly what I was looking for.

Jade was a stunning character, I was quickly loving his defiance and all the rage he had in him, and to see his development as a character was simply beautiful. It was so interesting to see the way he think and I was always trying to predict his actions, fool of me because he was unpredictable. Elish was also such a great character, so cold, so contain and manipulative, it is the kind of character I usually love and this time wasn’t any different, although it was surprising to me, how I tend to take Jade’s side every time and if I would choose between them I would choose Jade as my favorite. It might have something to do with the fact that he suffer so beautifully. I loved him. Every single one of the characters was so fantastic, even the ones that had little spotlight.

The plot was great. I t was so full of surprises. As unpredictable as Jade himself. It make me feel such and wide range of emotion, it made me gasp so many times and some others made me want to throw my kindle across the room. The way it connect the story with the events of Fallocaust was brilliant. It really was a pleasure to read it but beware it might not be suitable for every reader.

Review: Cue The Music by Alexis Woods

Cue The Music


Every relationship has had it at some point. The singular argument that escalates, that lingers. More often than not, the couple finds their way back to status quo. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when one gives up?

After months of trying to resolve their issues, Ty loses hope. He leaves, with only his music to keep him company. Until one day, he feels someone watching him intently from the bar. Maybe, just maybe, Ty won’t end up alone after all.

Cue the Music is a stand-alone short story in the Southern Jersey Shores series.

(Part of Never Too Late – a collection of nine stories featuring LGBTQIA characters over the age of fifty)




This is part of a series I haven’t read, and I don’t think I needed to read the previous books to be able to enjoy it. It was a little bittersweet story, really short but full of hope, I really liked it.

This is the first time I read something from the author, I do have a few books but haven’t read them yet. I liked the main characters and I liked how the story went. It was a little bit too short to get the whole outlook of their relationship but somehow it didn’t felt rush. There was a connection already between them and I loved it.

I particularly liked the way the music was related to emotions in the story and I’ll admit that I didn’t knew most of the songs mention, but the author tempted my curiosity enough to make me go searching for the songs. Overall a nice read. It is part of the Never Too Late collections, which concept I love.

Audiobook Review: Test Drive by L.A. Witt

Test Drive


Sean Waters is down on his luck thanks to the economy, and winds up working for his domineering father’s car dealership. It’s not the greatest job, but it’s a paycheck. The only problem? He’s got a wicked crush on the general manager, Jackson Rayburn.

When Jackson suggests a drive in one of the brand new sports cars, Sean has no idea it’s not the car Jackson really wants to take for a spin.

They both need this job, though, and the boss isn’t keen on employees getting involved with each other. But it’s just a lusty little crush anyway, so they can move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

Can’t they?

This short story was previously published, and has been revised and expanded to 15,000 words.




It was a nice book. It was fun and hot but I didn’t feel like there was too much connection between the main characters or that I really got to know them too well. I still liked it and I have a great time with it. It was short and that was exactly what I was looking for, I guess the length wouldn’t permit it to be a little more complicated than it was, but it was very entertaining.

I did have a little issues with the narration, I felt like it was difficult to understand the change of characters, the voices seem too alike and became confusing at times. The narration itself was good and I enjoyed it, but the dialogs were the ones that were bothersome.

Overall it was enjoyable and a great choice for someone looking for a short fun read without a lot of angst.

Spotlight: Undone by R. Phoenix and Morgan Noel





Leandro is a capricious fae, and he has it all: a glamorous casino as his personal playground, more power than he knows what to do with, and Kol’tso, his pet incubus. When Kol’tso tries to push the boundaries of their relationship and provokes feelings in Bryce, a nosy detective, the arrangement becomes more and more complicated. Kol’tso soon finds out there is a high price to pay for angering one of the fae. He finds himself trapped between his nature as an incubus and his desire for freedom. Leandro and his personal security guard Gideon may just be the only obstacles standing between the incubus and everything he wants.

Undone is approximately 122,000 words. 

Undone portrays realistic themes of abuse and dubious consent. It also includes mature elements some readers may find unsettling.








Morgan Noel: Facebook

R. Phoenix: Facebook, facebook group, Twitter

Review: Spoiled by R. Phoenix and Morgan Noel



The capture of an arms dealer’s spoiled lover should’ve been a win for the humans struggling to survive their harsh lives in the slums. Powerless and outnumbered, it seems like only a matter of time before Romulus betrays the Butcher. But when Kieran realizes their prisoner is none other than his stepbrother, he has to face the harsh truths he’s been avoiding for too long. Torn between loyalty for his new family of humans and the witch he has more than brotherly feelings for, Kieran must make a decision that could leave him with nothing.


Though Spoiled is set in The Fate of the Fallen / Status Quo world, this is a standalone work. These characters do not appear in the FotF/SQ books, and there are no spoilers for the series.




In a world ruled by vampires, werewolves and powerful witches, a witch and lover to a powerful arms dealer seems like a perfect captive to human rebels who are trying to make it through.

The human rebels have capture Romulus, an arms dealer’s lover, expecting the situation they are dealing with might change with the information they expect to get from him. Kieran, one of the rebels, wasn’t expecting this prisoner to be the stepbrother he hasn’t seen in a long time. An old flame start to burn again when Kieran is expected to take care of their prisoner, and now Kieran has to choose between his new family of humans or his rediscovered love for Romulus.

SPOILED was a great read. I missed this dystopian world and reading it reminded me how much I enjoyed The Fate of the Fallen/Status Quo series. It might be a part of that world but it would work fine as a standalone.

I liked the plot a lot. It is the kind of story I liked but I felt it was a little bit sweeter than I expected. That might only be an issue for me because I like darker stories. It’s a little slow paced but I still enjoyed it. I didn’t think things would go right for these two; everything seemed doomed that I had made peace with the fact that there probably wouldn’t be a happy ending for them and yet I found the turn of events very satisfying.

One of the things I loved about it was the constant possibility of betrayal that made me doubt every single one of the characters, even Kieran and Romulus. I was always expecting one of them to betray the other. It got me in the edge all the time and I loved it.

I struggled a little about Kieran and Romulus as a couple; I don’t think they had a great chemistry for most of the book but as I kept reading, things starts to make sense. It still felt a little bit like Stockholm syndrome than true love but I liked them together anyway. I was also intrigued by the secondary characters, among them all, one that got my attention was the Butcher, or more likely his relationship with Romulus. I hope I get to know more of that relationship in the future.

Overall SPOILED was a great book. It wasn’t too much angsty and I think anyone who liked M/M pairing would enjoy it.

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Spotlight: What He Craves (Desires #2) by E.M. Denning



What He Craves (Desires #2)


Matt Simpson is notorious for his bad decisions. From his rocky teenage years to his tumultuous early twenties, he’s made a lot of mistakes. His latest, greatest, and perhaps stupidest of them all was his recent pursuit of his boss, the unattainable Steve Paulson. Desperate to make the man notice him, and knowing Steve would never get involved with an employee, Matt quits his job.

Unfortunately, Steve still won’t touch him. To make matters worse, his new job falls through and his older brother won’t hire him. Matt can’t bear to ask Steve for help, and soon he finds himself out of money and out of options. When Steve finds him living in his car and demands that he go home with him, Matt obeys, but living with the man he’s wanted for two years proves to be frustrating as well as explosively hot. As Matt begins to explore his submissive side under Steve’s firm guidance, his insecurities haunt him. What does a homeless, jobless kid with a string of failures behind him have to offer, even if Steve did want him for more than a brief fling?






Author Website

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