Review: In His Line of Work (Men at Work) by Tinnean

In His Line of Work


Deuce Pettigrew has worked for the mysterious Dr. Pandora Gautier since he left the Marines twelve years before. He did whatever needed to be done and never asked questions.

Now a previous mission is coming back to bite Deuce in the ass, and not in a good way. As a result, he needs to distance himself not only from the job that consumed him for so many years, but from the man who, unaware, owns his heart.

Deuce decides to go home, but can he go home again? And will he ever find a man who means as much as the one he has to leave behind?




I guess it was ok, I just didn’t liked it that much. I think part of it was that I started reading it expecting a little bit of romance here and it left me a little bit disappointed on that area.

The plot was ok, I liked the main character but I felt like I couldn’t know him that much. What I liked about him was that he was willing to make some sacrifices for the people he care for. I did felt a little bit lost at times, like I was supposed to knew who the characters were and with a little research after reading it, it seemed to be a spinoff of a series from the author, which would be nice to know because I think I would enjoyed it so much more If I already knew the characters. I’m sure any reader who had read the series would like it more than I did.

Review: Mug Shots (Men at Work) by Keelan Ellis

Mug Shots


Working in a coffee shop and spending his nights alone is all Neil thinks he can handle after returning from military service. When Detective Macon Chance starts flirting with him, his first reaction is to dismiss it. Rather than admit his attraction, Neil tells himself he finds Chance annoying.

But the detective is nothing if not persistent. Despite the obvious spark between them, nothing is simple. Both men have plenty of issues of their own to sort through if they’re going to make it work.




It was a very enjoyable short story. I was a little dubious about it because of its length, I thought it would feature a rushed relationship without any emotions between the main characters and only lust to get them together, but I was very mistaken, it had a very beautiful relationship on which was easy to see they started caring for each other.

The plot was ok, nothing too complicated, but interesting enough to keep my attention. There is also very low in angst, which make it suitable for any reader looking for a fun story. My favorite part of it was the relationship development, I liked how it didn’t felt forced. I had a good time reading it.

Review: Darwin’s Theory: FOUND (Darwin’s Theory #5) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: FOUND


Watching Peter and never having him filled me up with an ache so deep, so empty, I was sure nothing could hurt worse.

That is, until I had Pete.

And lost him.

I hear Peter, I feel Peter, but I also know the dead don’t come back.

Unless, of course, Pete isn’t dead at all and a certain Whitcomb-I-Used-To-Have-Clown-Hair spiked the metaphysical epi-pen, so he could keep us apart. Although, it’s kind of hard to fake someone’s death when you can feel them inside your heart.

Metaphysical bonds between Humans and Lesser-Breds aren’t supposed to be possible. But then, I’ve been breaking the rules all my life, so what’s one more to add to the collection?




This was the best of them all. I’m reading this series for a couple of days. I wasn’t really expecting to like it because it’s really not a subject I love, but I was intrigued by the author and I wanted to read one of her books and I choose those series and it was a great first impression. Once I started reading I just couldn’t stop. This, the last book of the series, was my favorite. I loved it.

It was bittersweet, it had so much emotions, I keep loving this characters, they’re so cute together. I was absolutely heartbroken at some parts of it, but that was something great to me, because I love a book that can make me feel something, even if it’s sadness and this was made a great job. I loved a secondary character that is present from the book 3, if I remember correctly, and I would love to know more about him, but other than that, I’m very satisfied by how everything went on this book. It had a great plot, all along the series. It had some fun moments and some other very sad. It had some fun and sweet characters. This series was so entertaining.

Overall this was a great first experience with the author, by this I would definitely will be reading more of her books.

Review: Lost (Darwin’s Theory #4) by Adrienne Wilder

Lost (Darwin's Theory, #4)


Peter and me, we’ve been through a lot over the past few days. Pete bit me, and then was kidnapped by Whitcomb-I-Used-To-Have-Clown-Hair. In my attempt to rescue Peter I was forced to break the promise I made, which went something along the lines of not setting anything on fire or blowing anything up.

Everything is okay now because Pete and I are safe inside the Gray Zone. Now all we have to do is to deal with Peter’s becoming Lesser-Bred. Because I can’t feed Pete, it means buying a Lesser-Bred whore who can. But Peter is still worried he’ll come after me so he’s asked me for a favor, and Peter has never asked me for anything, so it’s no surprise I can’t tell him no. Only, if I keep my word, if I do the thing Peter has asked me to do, there’s a chance it could kill him.

Warning: Graphic violence and sexual situations

Contains: m/m/m, anal sex, oral sex, graphic violence



This was so full of interesting twists. I’m really loving this series and it gets better and better.

This part of the series brought so much action and so unexpected events that I just couldn’t stop reading. At this point, I’m totally in love with Darwin and Peter’s relationship. I’m truly amazed by how both of them are willing to do so much for the other and to fight through everything that comes in their way to be together.

This has been the most exciting part so far. It had some great moments into their relationship too. It had a little of everything. The more I read about this story, the most I loved it.

Review: Darwin’s Theory: PROMISES (Darwin’s Theory #3) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: PROMISES


I have come to terms with the idea of Peter becoming Lesser-Bred. See, sometimes I can look at the glass of milk as being half-full instead of close to empty.

Besides, it’s not all that hard. Look at the benefits. More time alone with him, my greedy bastard self, and the bed. Granted, it’s time we could be spending in the Gray Zone. I did promise to take Peter there to find a Lesser-Bred to meet his needs.

But since Peter hasn’t mentioned going, I haven’t bothered to remind him. What can I say, the idea of another man satisfying Pete in a way I can’t doesn’t exactly put me in my happy place.

Maybe, with any luck, Pete won’t kill me.

Kill me and eat me.




This was just as good as book 1 and 2. I really enjoyed reading it. No changes on my impression about the characters, which is great, because I expect a character to remain the same all along the series, maybe some personal growth would be ok, but I liked them the way they are right now.

Not so much advance in the relationship on this instalment but enough emotions to make it appealing and even cute at times. I love the tender moments they share, sometimes I think they could be out of character for what I seen on Darwin but it really aren’t because only shows how much he cares about Peter. I really loved them together.

The plot was very good. I would love to have a better explanation about what kin and lesser-bred mean and their feeding process cause it kind of just is there and we suppose to know what it isn’t but I really didn’t and even now after reading three instalments of the series, there are thing that I think I know, but not really fully understand. The plot is improving and there’s more action for reader who might enjoyed that.

Review: Making It Pay by J.L. Merrow

Making It Pay


Sometimes you can’t see the silver lining for the clouds.

Abandoned as a baby and now working as a rent boy, Daniel finds it hard to let people get close to him. But nightclub bouncer Rob has a kind face and he’s helped Daniel out once already, so when he catches Daniel on a bad night, Daniel accepts his offer of money and goes home with him.

Even though it breaks his heart.

Letting Rob pay him for sex may have wrecked their friendship just when Daniel needs all the friends he can get. But there are more reasons why he hasn’t seen Rob since that night — and one in particular that makes building a relationship seem almost too much to hope for.




This was such a bittersweet short story. I loved it. It might be a little bit too short, but I felt like I was able to care enough for Daniel. He seemed like a lovely guy and there’s a few moments when I could feel his heart breaking, it was very beautiful. I didn’t like Rob that much, but I don’t think he wasn’t likable, I just liked Daniel better. The plot was nice, and there are few things I didn’t see coming. It was very interesting.

Review: Secrets (Darwin’s Theory #2) by Adrienne Wilder

Secrets (Darwin's Theory, #2)


After years of watching and never touching, Darwin Degroi finally has the love of his life. And Darwin would do anything for Peter Forbes, including sitting by while Georgia Tech’s metaphysical review board strips him of his scholarship. But it doesn’t take the genius of a metaphysical scientist to figure out that something else is going on when Peter is handed his pink-slip and kicked out of the program.

What Darwin discovers is that Peter has a secret. Sweet Peter, gentle Peter, the love of his life Peter isn’t going to be Human anymore.

And if that doesn’t take the cake, the Lesser-Bred who knows Peter’s secret and put himself in charge of helping him Become has decided that in order to keep people safe, to keep Darwin safe, he needs to lock Peter away.

In the words of Darwin, “Over my mutilated, maggot-ridden body.”




I like so much were this is going. It was a very short story. It’s the second part of the series and I recommend to read it in the correct order to understand it better.

I didn’t liked Darwin in the first part, and the feeling is the same here. He seemed to me like he is way too immature. I could understand his attitude on a teenager, but he isn’t, so he has no redeeming elements. What I did liked about him was how truly he love Peter and how much he is willing to sacrifice for him. They were great together.

The first part of the story was what I liked the most about it. The plot was much better than the first part, and even though I’m not really into paranormal stories, It was very easy to care for the paranormal part of it. I really liked where the story is going. I already have the next instalment and will be reading as soon as possible.