Review: It Doesn’t Translate (Tattooed Corpse Stories) by Ofelia Gränd


It Doesn't Translate (Tattooed Corpse Stories)


Noir Kioko had only ever seen one human before his undercover work brought him to the diner at the Luna Terminal, and that was at a distance. Humans are rare, most of them disappear without a trace, and he hopes hanging around the restaurant will give him a lead on the smuggling ring he’s investigating. There was no way he could’ve known the human would turn out to be his mate, and no way he can let it show without putting his mate in danger and possibly jeopardising his mission.

Max Welch is the proud owner of the only restaurant within a light year’s distance. He left Earth four years ago to create a better life for himself, but he hadn’t considered the possibility of scary alien pirates making his restaurant their favourite hangout spot. As a measly human there isn’t much he can do about it, but as one of the pirates starts coming by almost every day he has to come up with something before he loses all his customers. That the giant cat man is rather nice to look at changes nothing.

When rumours of another human arriving at the space station start to circulate, Noir’s species trafficking infiltrate and observe only mission may need a revamp. But will Noir be able to protect his mate and another one of his rare species?




I had such a wonderful time reading this story. It isn’t something that I generally would read, but I can’t say no to an Ofelia Grand’s book.

I love how this Tattooed Corpse Stories are so different between them. I really didn’t know what to expect. I liked the plot. IT keep my attention very quickly, but what I liked the most as getting to know the characters. Everyone was so unusual that was a delight to know the way everyone react to thigs or what it means little things to them, something so small like a smile or looking to the eyes of the other had such different meaning and learning that was fantastic.

There was some action, not much but I enjoy it. Not everything goes perfect and not everyone is perfect. I loved that. The main characters are so much fun. I loved Noir’s persistence and his inability to understand how to make things right. I also loved Max who make me laugh so much with the fun he was having giving Noir a hard time with words. He was frustrating at times and I just wanted him to give poor Noir a brake but Noir was so annoying at times that I understood. Max was the one who I felt was easier to get in touch with his emotions. I loved them both as much and also liked the secondary characters.

Overall it was a fun book to read. I had a great time.


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    Thank you! ❤


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