Review: Come Play: An Erotica Charity Anthology




Watch and Learn if the Coach’s Little Kitten can be Tamed. Follow the Doctor’s Orders and read all about Brotherly Love. Understand Abstract Love and then take a peek at A Kink Chronicles Short. It’s all about Pretty Boys, The Kiss, and Particular Tastes bundled up in this must-have erotic anthology.

Come, play with us.

Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

A Kink Chronicles Short by Luna David

Brotherly Love by Lynn Van Dorn

Coach’s Little Kitten by Quin Perin

Doctor’s Orders by Emma Jaye

Particular Tastes by T.S. McKinney

Pretty Boy by E.M. Denning

Tamed by T.M. Chris

The Kiss by A.G. Carothers

Watch and Learn by K.C. Wells

** All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project. **

This anthology features a collection of erotic MM short stories.



*Review only of Doctor’s Orders by Emma Jaye.

First I need to say I don’t like medical kink. Not only that, but it is something that would keep me away from a book. Even then, I decided to read this short story because I was intrigued. I wasn’t completely able to enjoy the medical procedures involved in it, but I did loved the story.

What I liked about it was the lovely relationship between Nate and Alex. The story is set after Invisible Ink, Book 3 in the Paint series. I haven’t read any of those books yet, so it works fine as a standalone, even if it does mention some aspect of their life before being together. I fell in love with how perfect they were for each other and it made me want to go and read that series. Alex was an intriguing character and I just can’t wait to get to know him better.

The story have a little bit of everything. It have some angst, funny moments, a very hot scene and above all, a lot of love. Definitely recommend it.


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Release blitz: Their Bounty by K.A. Merikan

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Length: 90,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Natasha Snow


— Taken. Prized. Possessed. Loved. —

Clover is an orphan and has led a tough and chaotic life. No stability. No money. No friends. He trusts no one.

His already miserable life takes a nosedive when he ends up in the hands of a human trafficking gang. Someone has placed a request for a young albino man, and Clover is to become the property of a mysterious buyer who will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved desire. Clover’s fate seems sealed until four bounty hunters appear to take out his captors and accidentally save him.

The four mercenaries want to move on, but when Clover pleads for protection, they offer it to him at a price. In the beginning, the arrangement is all kinds of shady, but as he gets to know the four men who’ve taken him on a wild ride, his developing feelings might become as dangerous as the elusive buyer.

But can a relationship with four such different men even work? Men who kill for a living? Men so full of contradictions?

Tank. The massive ex-soldier eager to be Clover’s Daddy.
Pyro. Wild, tattooed, with a filthy mouth and an itch for violence.
Boar. Ginger, bearded, a big teddy bear who can turn into a grizzly.
Drake. Dark and dangerous, with a tongue as sharp as his knives.

Can these men provide him with the love and security he craves? Or has Clover made the worst mistake of his life?


THEIR BOUNTY is a dark gay harem contemporary romance, book 1 in the “Four Mercenaries” trilogy. The story contains scenes of explicit violence, offensive language, morally ambiguous characters and lots of scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes.

Themes: abduction, polyamory, mercenaries, bounty hunters, albinism, commitment issues, indecent proposal, dark past, male bonding, human trafficking, size difference, enemies to lovers, danger, alpha male, found family, size difference, distrust, shared, victim and protector

K.A. Merikan are a team of writers who try not to suck at adulting, with some success. Always eager to explore the murky waters of the weird and wonderful, K.A. Merikan don’t follow fixed formulas and want each of their books to be a surprise for those who choose to hop on for the ride.

K.A. Merikan have a few sweeter M/M romances as well, but they specialize in the dark, dirty, and dangerous side of M/M, full of bikers, bad boys, mafiosi, and scorching hot romance.


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Review: It’s Just Us by R. Phoenix and Chris McHart


It's Just Us


An M/M Age Play Romance.

Used to pretending he’s someone he’s not, twenty-one-year-old college student Micah has been hiding his true self. When a prank sends him into a bar on kink night, he finds something he never knew he needed: a world so strange, yet so alluring, where someone offers to take care of him… even though escaping all the pressure sounds too good to be true. But can he find something lasting with a Daddy who likes to pamper him? Can he trust Carter to be his first in so many ways?

At forty, Carter is a widower. Though he’s past the stages of grief, he’s still completely lost without his late husband. There’s a hole in his life he doesn’t think he’ll ever fill. But Micah doesn’t only fit perfectly in Carter’s lap — he’s also curious about all things related to age play. Can he coax Micah out of his shell so he can become the femme, carefree, happy little he’s meant to be?
~71k words.
Tags: Daddy Kink, Age Play, ABDL, Panties/Manties, May/December, age gap, age difference, sweet, taboo, femme sub



This was unexpectedly sweet. I got that feeling from the cover but to actually read it was wonderful. I’m really not into age play, which seem to be a good place to start since the book isn’t extremely graphic on it, but it does give the reader a good introduction to what it is, why is it done and the emotional aspects of it.


I end up enjoying a book so out of my comfort zone as it can be. I didn’t loved it tough, but only because it was age play after all. What I did loved about it was Carter and Micah’s relationship. The emotional elements that get this two together was beautiful. I liked both main characters for a lot of reasons. In Carter’s case because how caring and thoughtful he was, how important it was for him that Micah was comfortable and also because, even with all the things that make him so wonderful, he wasn’t perfect. He had his own flaws and to see them was what made me like him even more. Micah was also a wonderful character. In his case I liked him because of the vulnerability in him. The inability to see how precious he was. To see how much he hesitate to accept him as he was, to understand and to give himself what he want, everything about him was so new and beautiful. See him gain confidence was a joyful experience.


It was a bit too slow paced, but other than that and the fact that age play isn’t really my thing, I had the best time reading the book. All the feelings portray felt realistic as their relationship. The possibility to understand something that I don’t generally do, was a wonderful experience.

Review: In Life, In Death by Adara Wolf


In Life, In Death (Saga of the City by the Flowers #1)


As a prince, Ahmiki knows that his purpose in life is to serve their city and help its people find prosperity. Until the night that he is named as the living representative of the god Teska’atl, to be sacrificed at the end of the year. Ahmiki has to endure one year of humiliating rituals, unpleasant ceremonies, and a fraught political landscape.

At least he can take some comfort in the handsome and strangely unbowed servant who has been assigned to him…

Note: This 30k novella is a dark romance and does not include a happy ending.




I’m so happy I’d read this book. It’s was beautiful. I keep listening about the author and I wanted to give it a chance. I’m happy I did because it was a great experience.


I’ll admit that I struggle a little at the beginning. I have a bit of trouble getting myself into the story, but near the half of the book I was so captivated by the story that I couldn’t put it down. It has a very interesting plot. Very unusual and with a historical feeling around it.


I liked the main characters. There was particularly one, a slave, who got my attention with his imposing attitude but also very caring and sweet at times. I think it is easy to care for Ahmiki, he is very noble character. Getting to know the culture was also something that I enjoyed a lot. How respectful everyone was for their traditions and Gods. It was a wonderful book to read. Fair warning, it doesn’t have a HEA.



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Review: Out of the Shadows (Dragons’ House #3) by H.M. Wolfe and E.L. Nelson


Out of the Shadows (Dragons' House #3)


After narrowly escaping a situation that endangered his unborn babies’ life as well as his own, Daniel can finally enjoy the bliss of marital life, with a stronger than ever Tarquin by his side. Eugene, his best friend, and Elliott, Tarquin’s long-lost twin, also have a happy marriage, surrounded by people who love and support them.

But Benjamin Bloom will stop from nothing to get revenge on his own family for ignoring him as a child and teenager and to take what he believes is rightfully his. Unaware of the enemy hidden in plain sight, the members of the clans are not prepared for the devastating blow that follows.

Ardan, the mysterious protector of young Alasdair Stark, is a man with a precise mission: to hunt down the monster who put him through hell and to rescue other potential victims from his sadistic hands. His path crosses with that of the Stark and Bloom families’ members, and this could lead to two possible things: a bitter rivalry or a durable alliance.

Deeply buried secrets come out of the shadows, the storm they provoke threatening to destroy everything in its way. In the face of the disaster, the men of the Dragons’ House have to be stronger than ever, or else everything they worked so hard for could be lost forever.

*This book is the third installment of the Dragons’ House series and it can not be read as a standalone.




I liked where some of the character’s stories are going. I have my favorite characters and to see them get to happy moments in their life is lovely. Right now, Alasdair is my favorite character, but there are some other nice ones too.

The plot is a continuum from the others. I just doesn’t work at all as a stand-alone. It seems like a really long book cut into pieces, and this time it left us in a cliffhanger. As every character have its own stories, there are subplots I like and some others that I’m not thrill about. I liked the whole family feeling around the book. It gives a big emphasis to family bonds and support.

One of the things that I have problems with is getting in touch with the emotions of the characters. It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are moments when I felt completely disconnected. There are also some scenes and plot twist that I just don’t think fit too well to the rest of the story and they were bothersome, at least to me. I would recommend to beware before reading, that there are some scenes of child abuse that might be disturbing for some readers.



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Review: Spooky Smutty Stories: Classic Tales Gone Gay by Claire Cray


Spooky Smutty Stories: Classic Tales Gone Gay by [Cray, Claire]


Ever wished your favorite scary stories had more steamy gay scenes? Now they do. This collection of seven creepy, delicious m/m stories is filled with ghostly hitchhikers, haunted ships, seductive witches and more classic tropes from urban legends and oral traditions around the world. There’s a tale here for everyone who likes it weird, so dive in and treat yourself to a good shiver.




This was so much fun to read. Sure. Sometimes a little spooky but it was mostly very interesting. They are all very short stories, only the first one is a little longer. I particularly liked that one, maybe because of that, because it was longer and there’s also another one about a dress that have a guy with such attitude that just got me very interested. The other ones are nice too, one of them, one with a cat, particularly spooky to me because of some cultural stuff and it hit too close to home.


Definitely recommend it to someone looking for something short to read. Not too much angst, spooky but not impossibly creepy. It was a good read.

Release Blitz and Review: Love Kills by Michael Mandrake


Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow with Kindle Unlimited.
Length: 56,600 words approx.
Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Deranged birds of a feather flock together… leaving trails of blood in their wake.

Holland has fantasies most can’t accept. When potential mates discover Holland’s bloodlust, it’s too late for them to refuse. Determined to get what he wants, Holland continues to seek a man to fulfill his deepest desire and he won’t stop at anything

Archer is inspired and aroused by the tales he’s heard from his boyfriend. Still, he’s greedy for something that pushes him over the edge. Although this might drive him and his partner apart, Archer’s dark want won’t disappear.

Clint’s love for his job has slipped for years, and he’s pondered change. These days he’s cared more about how to please his man, than the rigorous position of solving murder cases. Clint thinks his attitude will eventually get better, thus prompting him to stay aboard. Still, the constant worry of Archer finding someone new niggles at him.

Putting sketchy characters behind bars had always been Clint’s forte, but when new feelings arise, Clint’s conscience is tested. Furthermore, what will happen if Clint is forced to choose between the love of his life, his career, and his morality?

This book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance.

Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.




I have a good time reading the book. It have some ups and downs, but then things that I liked were enough to keep my attention the whole time. It is a bit different that I was expecting, and at some point darker and more disturbing that I would hope for, but still got me hook.


What I liked the most was the love-hate emotion that a character made me feel. Archer was interesting. He was such an unlikable character, but at the same time he was so fascinating. It was like something you know you shouldn’t like but you like it anyway or at least can’t get your eyes off it. He was arrogant, extremely selfish and somehow still manage to be charming. I didn’t liked him though, he was way too selfish to make me actually love him or believe he love someone other than himself. It was a big problem in the romantic aspect, because it didn’t seem anything but lust or what he could get from his lovers, and I guess that was an important part of his personality, but exactly what make him be unlikable, even to me, who generally like such characters.


The other characters were fine, but they lack certain charm I seek in a main character. I don’t think they have a good chemistry and it all seem more like an obsession from Clint and Holland’s side. I did liked those two, but they weren’t as captivating and emotion inducing as Archer.


The plot was fine, maybe promising more than it deliver, but entertaining enough. It was a bit slow paced to my taste, but I end up having a good time reading it. It have some graphic description of murders, which can be a bit disturbing, but since it was the main subject, I guess whoever choose to read the book might be aware of that.



About the Author

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Through these, he builds worlds not centered on romance but rather the mainstream and/or obscure plots we might encounter in everyday life and beyond.

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